Surely if you visited our site you would notice the above side menu. The Disability Toolbox is a tool that disabled people can use in order to make the necessary adjustments to improve visibility and readability. Once you click on the Disability icon the whole toolbox (menu) emerges on the left side of your screen.

Our tools are divided into two categories.
Font and Contrast.
The Font class will help you increase (A +) or decrease (A-) the size of the text on our page.
The Contrast menu is there to change the contrast of the colors. It consists of the Colors option where there are three different color options.

  1. Blue background with yellow letters
  2. Black background with white letters
  3. White background with black letter

Highlight Links highlights the page links with a yellow color.
The Gray Scale Images option turns all the photos on our page in all shades of gray.
Inverted Colors help some cases of visually impaired readers.
Lastly, with your mouse you can click on the specific text that says “Audible Text”, the voice option is at your disposal. All you have to do is click on that button.